Friday, February 20, 2009

Updated Pictures

Zachary is doing some of the cutest things now. He's starting to come up with games on his own now, I don't know where he learns some of this stuff, but it cracks me up, and the more I laugh, the more he continues. Some days I think he would do anything to see me laugh. :)

His new favorite word (Kinda his only discernable word) is Ball.... so he walks around the house saying Ball, Ball and throwing down whatever ball he has at the time. Then, he refuses to pick the ball up till you pick it up and throw it back to him. Then he will pick it up and say Ball, Ball again and continue in the same cycle all day long.... Here are some pictures of him with his Tennis Ball

This is Zach deciding that it was funny to put his favorite blanket over his head. I think he kept doing it because I couldn't stop laughing. As soon as I turned around from my computer and saw him like this all I could picture was this time in 3 year old Mothers Day Out when we did a nativity scene, can't you just see my little shepherd boy now??? I think he would be perfect for the part.

We have been extremely sick this week. I think if I have had 3 hours of sleep in a row in the last 7 days it would have been a miracle. Zachary is over the sickness and on to teething. The doctor said when we went in on Monday that he was getting his 1 year old molars, so that even when he started to feel better, he might not be sleeping through the night. (Way to be encouraging, right?). Zach has had his fingers in his mouth all day chewing on them towards the back right side, so I think hopefully... we will get these teeth in and go back to our sleeping routine.

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