Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zach and "Big Kid Food"

Ok, I know I am partial, but Zach is so cute these days. He has decided that he likes to eat "Big Kid Food" Aka... he doesn't like it all cut up and torn up. He likes to eat an entire apple on the core, or a whole bread stick, or as you can see from these pictures. Corn ON the Cob. :)

I actually have found it's not as bad as I first thought because he only has teeth in the front, He can't actually chew, so if he had a large item, he takes little bites and he eats a lot more. Weird, I know.

Look at how adorable he is... The corn is almost as big as he is.


fortsmithmomma said...

I am tracking you down from your nwadeals site. I have a site in Fort Smith for moms and am getting ready to launch one in NWA and would LOVE to talk with you about your site- it has great info! Please call me when you can 782-1500.
Catherine Frederick

Bogie said...

I agree...Your Zach is really cute!